2nd Shapeways Order

My second order arrived from Shapeways, some more aircraft for Algernon Blushes Crimson (ABC) in 1:200 scale and a few bits of scenery for 28mm modern/SciFi skirmishes. I wasn’t sure if the Messerschmitts (Bf110 and Me410) would like right in the pulp 1930s setting of ABC so I only bought a pair of each. I think the Me410 (which was not used in large numbers) could be fairly easy to pass off as an advanced prototype whilst the Bf110 may be too much associated WW2 even though it first flew in 1936.


Clockwise from top left:
2 x Bf110, 2 x Me410, 3 x Martin Maryland, 8 x litter bins (in bag), 4 x Bugatti 100p, 12 x P26 Peashooter.

I’d like to thank Dragoman (Bugatti 100p) and Tiny Thingamajigs (Boeing p26) who rescaled their models to 1:200 in time for me to make use of a pre-holiday discount Shapeways were offering. All of these models are in the cheap ‘white strong flexible’ and have the usual ‘fluff’ you get with that material and a couple of them have minor surface blemishes but nothing that I shouldn’t be able to hide.